Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cite 'THANK YOU' dh hbs....

Ari ni cite THANK YOU dh hbs..best jgk ending cite ni..
mle2 cite ni start kt tv3 ,aku rse cite ni boring sgt..tp ble bberapa episd aku tlepas, bru aku tngok cite ni blik..
best jgk cite ni..cite ni sdih..
tp mmg feeling gler mse tgk cite ni..
ksian Hani,bru je tgk bberapa epsd dia tngok tau2 ari ni dh episd akhr...


Dr. Min Ki Seo went to Blue Island to fulfill his deceased girlfriend’s last wish to find the single mother and her little girl who was infected by HIV and to apologize to them on her behalf as she had unknowingly given the girl tainted blood when she was being treated at the hospital. Lee Young Shin, the single mom, was having a hard time caring for her grandfather who has Alzeimer’s and keeping her daughter’s HIV condition a secret while teaching her how to live with it. Min Ki Seo was an arrogant person who looked down on people and in meeting Lee Young Shin who accepted her fate and tried to make the best of it despite all odds, he slowly changed for the better and became a warm and caring person

                                  Jang Hyuk as Min Ki Seo                                  
                                 Gong Hyo Jin as Lee Young Shin

                                            Seo Shin Ae as Lee Bom
                                Shin Goo as Mr.Lee
                                  Shin Sung Rok as Choi Suk Hyun


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