Friday, February 4, 2011

My SwEeThEaRt

  • FULL NAME:Choi Si Won
  • PROFESSION:Actor,Singer and Model
  • BIRTHDATE:10 February 1987
  • HEIGHT:183 cm
  • WEIGHT:67 kg
  • EDUCATION:Hyun Dae High School,Inha University(Physical Education)
  • LANGUAGES:Korean and Mandarin
  • HOBBIES:Taekwando,Playing Drums and Playing On The Computer
  • KPOP GROUP:Super Junior and Super Junior M
  • YEARS ACTIVE:2005-Present

    Choi Si Won born 10 February 1987. Siwon was actually born in 7 April 1986 but for whatever reason his parents decided to register him a year later. He also claims to be on the same line of birth that [Donghae and Eunhyuk, They were born 1986].But he was officially certificated in February 10, 1987. Siwon is one of the few members of Super Junior who actively appears on variety shows. Being active in variety shows, his popularity within Super Junior grew and Choi became quite popular overseas. Aside South Korea, Choi is particularly popular in China and Thailand. In early March, 2007. He has been picked up as the presenter of a Thai's powder and he went to Thailand to shoot this commercial.

    smart x dia ni???
    ni la kekasih hatiku...hehehe
    hubungan kitorg sudh terjalin hmpir 4 tahun..
    slama 4 tahun ni jgk la aku setia kat dia..(ye la 2,tp knyataanye dh curng ngn Jang Geun Suk,Jang Hyuk,
    Lee Min Ho,Kim Bum dan rmai lg..hehehehe)
    tp Shiwon ttp yg ptma dlm hti..
    aku ske sngat kt dia ni!!!
    dia hnsem,smart,tnggi,mmpunyai snyuman yg mnis & mcm2 lg..


    so cute!!!!!!

    ni la mke kekasih htiku mse dia kcik..:)

    rupa tbaru shiwon..rmbut dia dh pndek..<3

    my sweetheart brsama dgn 'anaknya'(anaknya dlm cite Oh My Lady!)

    hnsemnye!!! :)


    snggh brgaya...


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