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Telenovela MARIMAR ganti THANK YOU...


cite yg gnti cite THANK YOU skrg cite jgk cite ni bdasarkn sinopsis yg aku sinopsis cite ni pnjng gler..
yg pnting plakon yg aku mnat blakon dlm cite ni iaitu
in real life pn Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes ni sweet!

Main cast

Cast Character Summary
Marian Rivera MariMar
Bella Aldama

The epitome of simplicity and innocence, MariMar is an unassuming girl who falls in love with Sergio, the rich heir to the Santibañez hacienda. Her relationship with Sergio causes her misery until she learns to fight back. Little does MariMar know that she is the only heiress of the Aldamas.

Dingdong Dantes Sergio Santibañez Rebellious and impulsive, Sergio takes advantage of MariMar's naïveté to retaliate against his father and ex-girlfriend-turned-stepmother, but later because of Marimar's good nature he started falling in love with her.

Katrina Halili Angelika The ambitious and stuck-up Angelika was Sergio's first girlfriend. Although she married Renato (Sergio's father) for his money, she makes it her life's purpose to ruin Sergio and MariMar/Bella Aldama's relationship.

Richard Gomez Renato Santibañez Renato is Sergio's father who's blinded by his love for Angelika. Although he is one of MariMar's main adversaries, he becomes an ally to MariMar/Bella Aldama to downfall Angelika's evil plans.

 Marian Rivera as MariMar/Bella
                           Dingdong Dantes as Sergio Santibanez
Katrina Halili as Angelika
Richard Gomez as Renato Santibanez

     GUSTAVO ALDAMA, a rich businessman, marries a woman named LUPITA despite his mother's disapproval of their relationship. Things become more complicated when LUPITA gives birth to GUSTAVO's daughter. DOLORES, GUSTAVO's mother, believing LUPITA married her son only for their wealth, does everything to separate the two of them. DOLORES drugs LUPITA and hires a man, setting them up to make it look like LUPITA is having an affair. GUSTAVO is devastated to find LUPITA "sleeping" with another man, unknown to him that it was a plot by his own mother. DOLORES kicked LUPITA and the baby girl out of the house. LUPITA named the baby girl "MariMar" and took her into hiding. GUSTAVO leaves his parents and decides to live alone in Manila, not losing hope that one day, he would find his wife and daughter.

     Seven years later, his cousin ESPERANZA visits him, brought him the news of his parents' death. Despite his ill feelings towards his mother, Gustavo goes home to finally put closure on his past. While visiting the grave of his parents, SILVA, a friend of LUPITA, comes by to inform GUSTAVO the whereabouts of LUPITA and MariMar. GUSTAVO doesn't waste any time and goes to reunite with his family. LUPITA manages to forgive GUSTAVO, to the delight of Marimar who is overjoyed to finally meet her father. On their way back to Manila, the plane crashed into the sea. Lupita died in the plane crash and MariMar was lost. GUSTAVO once again lost his family.

     MariMar was found by a childless couple, LOLA CRUZ and LOLO PANCHO, when she was washed ashore on an island. MariMar suffered from amnesia and couldn't remember a thing. They decide to raise MariMar as their own granddaughter. LOLA CRUZ calls her MariMar after seeing the name on MariMar's necklace. Young MariMar meets a young ANGELIKA, and they become friends, playing in a beach. However, MariMar and ANGELIKA start fighting when ANGELIKA falls and breaks her arm, blaming the incident on MariMar.

     Many years later, MariMar grew up with her LOLA CRUZ and LOLO PANCHO, into a beautiful and naive young woman. She first met SERGIO SANTIBANEZ when she accidentally snuck into his family home and tried to steal some fruits. SERGIO asked MariMar to marry her, to go against his father who married his ex-girlfriend, ANGELIKA, MariMar’s childhood friend, who had become his new stepmother. ANGELIKA, who was obviously still in love with SERGIO, made MariMar's life into a living hell in the Santibanez mansion.However, MariMar has fallen in love with SERGIO. SERGIO first found MariMar annoying but grew to love her, even though he never told her that. When he left for Macau to join a car racing competition, MariMar was left behind and she was pregnant with his child. He never knew.

    ANGELIKA continued to torment MariMar's life. MariMar finally decided to leave San Martin de la Costa after ANGELIKA's attempt to kill her and the death of her adoptive grandparents from a fire under ANGELIKA's order. She faked her death and moved to Manila, changing her name into BELLA. She managed to stumble upon INNOCENCIA and her mother, who helped kept her safe from the Santibanez family. MariMar then gave birth to a baby girl she named CRUZITA after her LOLA CRUZ. MariMar harboured hatred for SERGIO, who she believed never loved her anyway. She then got a job as a maid at a Aldama mansion.The Aldama Mansion owner's actually MariMar's real father, GUSTAVO, and he lived there with his cousin, ESPERANZA.

     SERGIO came back from Macau and searched for MariMar, he almost gave up hope and moved on with another woman, KIM, when he caught a glimpse of MariMar again. GUSTAVO at first didn't know that MariMar was her daughter because NATALIA who was greedy, came in with MariMar's pendant necklace and claimed that she was his missing daughter. MariMar kept quiet all the while, when she knew that she was the real MariMar. NATALIA was afraid that her secret will be revealed and attempted to kill MariMar in an explosion. MariMar survived the explosion and she managed to regain her memory before the plane crash when she was young. After a DNA test and ESPERANZA's help, MariMar was acknowledged as the real daughter of GUSTAVO. He however died from a heart attack and leaving the countless wealth of the Aldamas to her. ESPERANZA and INNOCENCIA help MariMar transforms herself from a poor and naive lass into the rich and sophisticated with a new name, BELLA ALDAMA. MariMar/BELLA moved to US with her daughter.

     Four years later, MariMar returned with her daughter to the Philippines, MariMar meets RODOLFO SAN JINEZ, a businessman who plans to marry her because his family's company was losing money. RODOLFO invited MariMar/BELLA to a masquerade party. Unknown to MariMar/BELLA, SERGIO was also going to the party. SERGIO unexpectedly sees BELLA and recognizes her as MariMar. SERGIO tells RODOLFO that BELLA is his wife, but RODOLFO thinks it's impossible. MariMar/BELLA then rejects RODOLFO SAN JINEZ at their wedding and proves to herself that she still loves SERGIO.SERGIO didn't give up, until he met CORAZON, who was told by MariMar/BELLA to lie to SERGIO, that MariMar died with her daughter years ago when he was at Macau. He by now believed that MariMar's dead. SERGIO went to the grave and begged for forgiveness.

     However, after many incidents and after saving Bella's daughter, CRUZITA, in an accident, he found out that his wife and daughter are still alive. He went to dig the grave and found an empty coffin. He and CRUZITA reunited as father and daughter, and he now tries to earn BELLA/MariMar's trust again.

     Meanwhile, as the Villa Santibañez begins to fall, ANGELIKA returns from abroad and brings a mentally-weakened RENATO to their house where she "takes care" of him. Unknown to RENATO, ANGELIKA puts "medicine" in his food, which is to weaken his memory. RENATO realizes that ANGELIKA is responsible for the loss of his money and his company. ANGELIKA goes to Manila for an auction but MariMar, as BELLA ALDAMA, shows up and a confrontation ensues. Because of MariMar's vengeful tactics, ANGELIKA loses everything to her. ANGELIKA goes back to Villa Santibañez and sends her husband to a mental hospital. However, RENATO had already escaped from the hospital before ANGELIKA and her men showed up. NICANDRO, a worker under ANGELIKA, shoots him at ANGELIKA's order. However, he is brought by DR. RHIA to cure him. RENATO finally reunites with SERGIO and takes revenge on ANGELIKA. MariMar buys the title of Villa Santibañez and humiliates ANGELIKA during a fight, in which the latter accidentally stabs her own right eye. Many run-ins between SERGIO, MariMar, and RODOLFO occur. Finally, MariMar once again decides to leave the country to put her life in order. However, RODOLFO kidnaps her before she could leave. SERGIO then saves her from her captors but RODOLFO accidentally shoots her when he meant to aim at SERGIO. All three inadvertently ended up getting shot but not fatally. RODOLFO is brought to the hospital to later face trial and jail time.

     After much heart searching, MariMar decides to forgive SERGIO and the family is reunited. Later on, MariMar meets VANESSA MAY, who was GUSTAVO's girlfriend while he was separated from LUPITA, who tells her that she wants to find her missing daughter who turns out to be ANGELIKA. Unknown to MariMar, ANGELIKA plans the downfall of the heir of Aldamas to get SERGIO. ANGELIKA is responsible for murders of her mother, VANESSA MAY, and ESPERANZA. She blackmails MariMar of ESPERANZA's murder so that she could take MariMar out. SERGIO and the others know that ANGELIKA is the one responsible for the murders but could not find incriminating evidence against her while ANGELIKA has a knife with MariMar's fingerprints and a blouse with ESPERANZA's blood. ANGELIKA kidnaps MariMar so she could kill her and tells MariMar that she was really the one who murdered ESPERANZA to keep her silent. ANGELIKA's henchmen NICANDRO and DIEGO save MariMar from ANGELIKA's plan to kill her and they tell a lie to ANGELIKA about MariMar's death. ANGELIKA's plan fails but she sets another trap for MariMar. She dogs MariMar until they have a face-off to finish everything. ANGELIKA shoots MariMar repeatedly, but she survives because of her flak vest. MariMar realizes that ANGELIKA will stop at nothing to destroy she and her family so she decides to finally fight back at ANGELIKA. After a series of attempted police interventions, ANGELIKA is involved in a shoot out and is subsequently arrested. In the incident, MariMar was run over by ANGELIKA and left badly wounded. After a harrowing near-death experience, MariMar survives by a miracle. Meanwhile, RENATO betrays NICANDRO to the police and a group of police officers shoot NICANDRO dead before he can attempt to escape from them.

     One month later, after MariMar's recovery, she along with SERGIO and her company, go to the court hearing where ANGELIKA is in custody. The jury finds ANGELIKA guilty for the murders. SERGIO and MariMar hold a thanksgiving dinner with their family and close friends after the trial. Meanwhile, RENATO goes to the jail where ANGELIKA was sentenced and gives a reward (which is money) and a "permission" to the warden in which she accepted. A "permission" from RENATO is to suffer ANGELIKA in jail by giving her a burning mark with MariMar's name on it in which what RENATO says to her that a burned mark is also a "gift" from MariMar and continues to hurt her more along with her inmates who joined him also to hurt her. SERGIO and MariMar announce that they would finally get married and MariMar gives back to RENATO the title of Villa Santibañez. Meanwhile, ANGELIKA's foster father visits her in prison and he gives her a plan to make her escape from prison and she could work with him to ruin the wedding of SERGIO and MariMar. She escapes along with other inmates after a bomb explodes opening up the wall. Unaware that ANGELIKA had escaped from prison, MariMar and SERGIO prepare for their wedding.

     On the day of the wedding, ANGELIKA knocks ARTURO out, puts him inside the car trunk, and disguises herself as the driver, replacing ARTURO. SERGIO, along with CRUZITA, ride in the car to go to the church. ANGELIKA kidnaps both father and daughter then gives MariMar the choice of two "special presents". She has MariMar go to a beach where she calls MariMar up on her cellphone. She tells MariMar to choose her present: SERGIO's or CRUZITA's life. ANGELIKA has SERGIO and CRUZITA in two different boats with bombs set to go off at the same time strapped to their chests. MariMar heads off to sea in a third boat provided by ANGELIKA and ultimately decides to save CRUZITA. Once she gets her daughter, MariMar shoots down ANGELIKA's henchman. As she hugs CRUZITA, the boat with SERGIO in it explodes. MariMar grabs CRUZITA and jumps into the water just as the bomb that was strapped to CRUZITA explodes. They make it to the shore undetected by ANGELIKA. MariMar and CRUZITA are shocked by what had just happened to SERGIO. MariMar tells CRUZITA that she should be brave and strong even without SERGIO, then hides CRUZITA saying that she would come back for her.

     Meanwhile, SERGIO didn't die in the explosion after all. Just before the time set on the bomb ran out he was able to knock down ANGELIKA's henchmen, remove the bomb and escape from the boat. MariMar goes off to face ANGELIKA. She escapes detection by ANGELIKA's henchmen and finally finds and fights ANGELIKA. Unknown to her, SERGIO is also in the area and fighting the remaining henchmen. When ANGELIKA's foster father has SERGIO at gunpoint, RENATO saves his son by shooting him. SERGIO learns from RENATO that MariMar is in the area and he goes off to find her. Meanwhile, MariMar and ANGELIKA are fighting in ANGELIKA's helicopter off the ground. SERGIO is able to catch hold of the chopper before it completely lifts off. MariMar pushes ANGELIKA out where she falls to the ground in a river full of crocodiles. A bleeding ANGELIKA is last shown being dragged - apparently devoured by the reptiles. SERGIO climbs into the helicopter and he and MariMar are reunited.

             MARIMAR(Marian Rivera) AND SERGIO(Dingdong Dantes)


  1. is marian rivera n dingdong dantes really married in their real life?

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